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Physiotherapy 1st and 2nd year books pdf

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Hi, welcome to physio's helping hand (physiogk) family in my new blog post about 1st and 2nd-year physiotherapy books.

In this blog, we are sharing the 1st-year and 2nd-year physiotherapy syllabus and books pdf links, which are uploaded on Telegram and google drive from there you can access.

In the future, Physio's helping hand(physiogk) will try to come up with exam-oriented blogs, in which we will discuss

  1. which type of questions ask in physiotherapy university exams.

  2. How to write long and short questions answers in exams.

  3. Blogs on topics that are frequently asked in exams.

We will also discuss different equipment related to physiotherapy how and when to use that and many more. So, Join our telegram and Instagram channel to get fully updated.

If you find this helpful please like and share it with your friends and please give feedback in the comment section so we can improve our blogs in the future your comment also help visitors to this page.


Syllabus of BPT- click here for PDF

  1. Anatomy book - click here for pdf

  2. Physiology book- click here for pdf

  3. Biochemistry book- click here for pdf

  4. Electrotherapy book- click here for pdf

  5. Bio-mechanics book- click here for pdf

  6. Sociology book - click here for pdf

  7. psychology book- click here for pdf

  8. pharmacology book- click here for pdf

  9. Pathology book- click here for pdf

  10. Microbiology book- click here for pdf

Download these books from google drive


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virendra Bihuniya
virendra Bihuniya
Nov 18, 2021

Mobile number contact me 9098706995 ,7489416766 I need book anatomy

Nov 18, 2021
Replying to

Please send full details of book at or Instagram-

Or telegram-


Welcome in family of physio,s helping hand

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