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Angle of pull | How to write 5 marks question of angle of pull

Hi, welcome to all of physio's helping hand (physiogk) family members. Today we will discuss how to write the answers to 5 marks question Angle of pull

what is angle of pull | define angle of pull


In exercise therapy, this question is frequently asked in university exams or internal exams also. If you will answer it properly you can score a good mark. So in this blog, we tried to explain how to write the answer of angle of pull.

Introduction and Definition of angle of pull

It is an angle formed between the line of pull of a muscle and the longitudinal axis of the bone in which the muscle is acting.

Mainly it is used to describe the angle of any muscle and the bone to which it is attached.

This term is frequently used by medical professionals such as physiotherapists and orthopedists and also used by weight lifters and bodybuilder

The physiotherapist uses the angle of pull to measure a patient's rehabilitation progress over the time

  • Mechanically, when the muscle is inserted at the right angle to the bone the pool/force is most efficient

  • This efficiency is decreased as the angle of pull is reduced because some of the force is used in pulling the bone of insertion toward the joint representing the fulcrum.

  • The approximation of the articular surface has a stabilizing effect upon the joint which is greatest when the direction of the pull of the muscles is longitudinal.

mechanical efficiency of angle of pull

The mechanical efficiency of muscle pull is also reduced when the angle of insertion is increased from the right angle joint because joints become less stable as the angle increases.

Ex- Triceps Siri insert on calcaneum perpendicular provide large moment of arm

The efficiency of a resistance

  • When a force is applied at right angles to the lever against the movement, the resistance to that force is maximum.

  • If the angle of pull is greater or less than 90 degrees then the resistance will decrease.

  • A force offering resistance to the movement of one of the body's levers may be applied by means of a rope or by the hand of a physiotherapist.

  • The effect of this resistance force is maximum when it is applied at right angle to the moving bone.

  • During the course of movement when the angle of pull must vary, the right angle pull is employed in that part of the range that requires maximum resistance.

Efficiency of resistance in angle of pull
The effect of resisting force is maximal when it is applied at right angle as shown in figure b

Tips for exam

This question comes in 5 marks question so write it in the proper heading and subheading. You must add at least one diagram, it will help you grab extra marks from others.

Terms used in this blog:-

1. What is line of pull of a muscle

2. The longitudinal axis of the bone

3. Mechanical efficiency

Thank you

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