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Psychology book for bpt free download | psychology for Physiotherapy book and syllabus

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Hi, welcome to all of physio's helping hand (physiogk) family in my new blog post that is about physiotherapy psychology book and their syllabus. Also in this blog, we explain how to prepare for psychology for the universities exam.

In this blog, we will discuss, psychology book and their syllabus in different universities. We have also shared links of some books pdf of psychology and in the future, we will also share notes of bpt. So subscribe us to get the latest update.


1. Introduction

You have to study psychology either in the first year or the second year it depends on your University. In my university (wbuhs), psychology is part of the 2nd-year bpt syllabus. There are many books on psychology but out of them, I will discuss that book from which I studies or that is important for bpt. Before introducing these books we will look briefly syllabus of psychology.

BPT Psychology Syllabus

1. Definition of Psychology

  • Science of Mind

  • Consciousness and behavior

  • Scope and branches of Psychology

  • Methods of Introspection, observation, and experimentation

2. Learning

  • Trial and error,

  • Classical Learning Instrumental learning,

  • Insight for learning

3. Memory

  • Steps of memory

  • Measurement of memory

  • Causes of forgetting(diff. types only)

  • Concept of STM & LTM

4. Personality

  • Definition, Types, and measurement.

5. Emotion

  • Emotion and feeling

  • Physiological changes

  • Theories of emotion (James-Lange and Eonnon-Bird)

6. Perception

  • Nature of perceptual process

  • Structural and functional factors in perception

  • Illusion and Hallucination

7. Motivation

  • Motive need and Drive

  • Types of motive: Physiological, Psychological and Social

8. Industrial Psychology

  • Decision-making process and steps in decision making, Individual decision making, decision making in an organization.

  • Guidance and counseling

  • Stress and mental health

  • Job stress and its management

9. Hereditary and Environment

10. Child Psychology

Now, you have some idea about the syllabus of psychology for bpt. You can download the detailed psychology syllabus of different universities or colleges from the below link.

You can also send your university psychology syllabus so we could add it to this blog. It will help a lot to bpt students.

Now Let's see some books on psychology which are important for bpt students.

Psychology Book pdf for BPT

1. Psychology for Physiotherapy by D Bid and Thangamani A Ramalingam

2. Introduction to psychology by Morgan and King

We will add more book in future so subscribe physio's helping hand (physiogk) or join our telegram channel

You may follow any one of them. All books are good for physiotherapy. Book, Psychology for Physiotherapy and nurses are easy to understand. But Morgan and King's psychology book little bit difficult to understand but all topics are well explained. If you're interested in psychology and study from 1st day of class then Morgan and King are best for you.

How I study psychology

I studied psychology from class notes and books "psychology for Physiotherapy". And for the exam, I studied from psychology class notes and solve the last 5-year Psychology questions. If teachers/faculty is good then class notes and their lecture are enough for bpt students.

Note:- If you have any suggestions or queries, let me know in the comment section. If you have any psychology book pdf that may help bpt student then please send to us at

Thank you

PHYSIO'S HELPING HAND(रहे हमेशा आपके संग)


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